14 May 2022 ST Marys Church of the Nazarene

 We started services last night at ST Marys. God was present in the service. I preached from John 6:16-21. God put a twist on my sermon, but it was what people needed because they responded at the end.  Two of the young men who helped with the worship at Dorowa were part of the worship team here. Below are a few pictures and a link to my sermon. The pictures will not download right now. I will post this and add pictures when I can. This is the link to the sermon.

12 May 2022 Update from Dorowa on...

 We had wonderful services at Dorowa. We started with 2 days of memorial services for one of Stanley's brothers. He was still quite young with a wife and 3 children. They had a time of greeting Friday morning that lasted for hours. I learned to greet in Shona. The older ladies who were local were there first. They were surprised that I would learn their greeting. They sang for me a song from Isaiah 40:31 and danced.  Friday night their pastor preached the service and many hearts were touched it was reported to me. They had me stay home Friday night and rest. It would have been disruptive for them to translate the service for me.  Saturday morning we went back to the family site. This time I asked Rev Grace Ushe not to translate but give me the short version afterward. I was actually able to caych the meaning of some of it. Of course there was much singing and dancing. We had lunch of chicken, pap (similar to polenta) and greens. We went back to rest and prepare for the evening serv

6 May 2022 Connections again.

 Since I posted last we finished services in Bulawayo. The Lord was present in all the services. I taught the youth Sunday School and spoke in the morning service on Sunday. God was working. Please continue to pray for the services. We head back to South Africa around the 16th. Pictures: Young and old at the altar. Praise team singing. Cooking the old fashioned way. I have not been able to get videos to download yet. Hopefully I will soon. Please check an earlier blog for my schedule, April 30 I believe.. In Dorowa Zimbabwe now and going to St Marys Zimbabwe next week.

30 April 2022

  I understand a lot of you have been asking so here is my tentative schedule subject to change. And it could because it has already more than once. Tomorrow is our last day at Bulowayo 1st Church of the Nazarene in Morningside. 6-8 May  Dorowa Church in Zimbabwe 13-15 St Marys Church in Harare Zimbabwe Travel back to South Africa 22-28 May Eastern District COTN Zone 1 30 May - 4 June Eastern District COTN Zone 2 6-11 June Eastern District COTN Zone 3 13-18 June Eastern District COTN Zone 4 TBD  Highveld District COTN TBD Western District COTN TBD Gauteng District COTN With Rev Timothy Mogorosi until flight 29 July

26 April 2022

 Having great services over here. Many people responding to the messages. Problems with internet service though. Please Keep praying as I have many more services to go. Getting a couple of vacation days. They have taken me to Victoria Falls for a couple of days. Head back for the next services Thursday. 7-8 hour drive. Bad roads, cattle, goats, donkeys, and monkeys crossing the roads. BIG elephant  made us stop back a ways while he decided what he was going to do. Hopefully I can get some pictures on. Soon. I have limited data.

20 April 2022

 We are working without electricity again. The substation had an explosion and fire and we are the "lucky"  people on that substation. At least we have water this time. They have a 2 burner camping type stove that works on propane so water can be boiled and food cooked. Makes bathing interesting again.  Having problems. May be offline for a while.  
 Well I am back. I am back from Camp Jonathan. It was a great time of fellowship and spiritual renewal. I preached Friday night and Saturday morning. I was also asked to sing a song Saturday morning. I sang Scars Are A Sign Of Healing. I met a new friend, Sister Joyce, she would be called a worship singer not a performer. We did have a minor problem with our lodging. No water but we had electricity. I could get enough in my 4 bottles to fill and purify them. Had to wash the camping way with cold water. Bed was comfortable and I had a small refrigerator. Everyone there was cold most of the time and being from cold weather I thought it was comfortable.